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Transport Management System (TMS).

PC Soft provides a comprehensive approach to running a back room support operation and assure that your team has the proper software tools to deliver a truly automated process. Our TMS has following Features. TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Financial Management System (FMS).

Organizations need better financial information. They also need real-time access to that information to gain a deeper understanding of costs, revenue, and profitability. And their financial applications must ensure strong audits and controls while being responsive to change. Existing on-premise software simply isn't capable of providing these capabilities. So, at PCSoft, we started from scratch and created a financial management application that is transforming enterprise finance and empowering CFOs today and into the future.


eRestro (Restaurant Management Software)

eRestro is one of the best Restaurant Management Software for manage your restaurant because its solve the Ordering by Table (means you can handle many customer in a same time), Billing and KOT etc. It’s also have the report feature for showing the daily selling reports of your Restaurants. and you can export this reports in any format like excel, word, pdf, etc. this is user friendly & customize software means you can handle this software according to you and give your business acute spread going on India

1. Restaurant Management Software

2. Cafe and Coffee Shop Management Software

This Software Upgrade Your Restaurant and Bars

Make Restaurant fully customized and Simple

Manage Outlet and Inventory Easily

Good For Table Management and Add New Table

Add GST and Vat Tax Rate By Items

Generate the Bills and Collect Bill Amount

Print Bills on Thermal Printer and Others

Sales Entry

This is Docket Entry you can use it for your Making New Dockets with their details like Bill no. , Payment type, Consigner , Consignee, Weight, Freight etc. and you can set the Item in dockets its have an Item list of various Item if you doesn’t find your Item you can add your item in this list with (+) mark of right side.

You can fix the Consigner and Consignee for the many Dockets the Consigner and Consignee are not change in new docket but other fields are reset in new docket.

Purchase Entry

It is Challan entry its use can use it when you want to create a Challan for lorry, Train etc.

Table Management

Branch manager is using for creating your new branch for future use, you can also update this, this is very important for your business, you can use the branch in Dockets etc.

Group Master

You can use customer master for add new customer in your customer list for save their information like name, address, mobile no, email, GST no. etc

Item Master

Vendor Master

Vendor master is use for vendor registration for use in our field like Docket, Reports etc.

Employee Master

Employee Master here you can register your employee with their name, address, Email ID, Mobile no., Salary etc.

Stock Details

This is arrival entry and its use when docket is arrival to destination.

User Permission

Here you can do your delivery entry by delivered dockets, you can add many docket at one delivery entry

User Password

Item Setting

This is the Stock Entry here you can create new stock of Dockets for docket entry.

Billing Report

Here you can maintain your stock and you can transfer your dockets to other branch’s if they have shortage of dockets.